Politica sulla privacy

This Privacy Policy (Policy) applies to the use of the website "fashionfilosofia.it "(Website), to obtain permission to use personal data when registering on the website "fashionfilosofia.it" and including the transfer of personal data by phone, email, or any other means.

This policy explains how fashionfilosophia ("noi", "Noi", "nostro" e "società») may collect, use and disclose Your personal data, and our Your rights and obligations in relation to personal data, taking into account our constant desire to provide a good level of service in our online store and enjoy shopping.

Si prega di leggere attentamente questa politica. By accessing our Site, you fully agree to the Policy, which covers all information provided by You. Any claims regarding the confidentiality of Your information will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy And the Terms and conditions that are binding on you.

La società comprende l'importazione di proteggere i dati personali come operatore di dati personali e values the trust placed in us, quindi siamo impegnati a garantire con cura e adequately la loro riservatezza e protezione.

1) Dati Personali

1.1. Personal data (Personal data) includes your name, address of residence, email address, phone number, gender, age, Bank card details and any other information provided by You.

1.2. Our Site is intended for use by adults. We do not collect information about citizens under the age of 18 if we know their age. I cittadini di età compresa tra 18 must not use the Site or provide us with any personal data.

1.3. when providing Person data to another person, you guarantee that you will obtain the necessary consent of that person to use his / her Person data, as specified in this Policy.

1.4. by Using and / or registering on the Site, you provide your full and unconditional consent to the provision, processing, use, collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), blocking, deletion, destruction of Your Personal data.

2) Raccolta Di Dati Personali

2.1. We may ask you to provide us with Personal data when you use the Site, including voluntarily registro o updating an existing user profile, subscribing to marketing o newsletter campaigns, send email to us, using various services, participating in surveys, promotions, making comments on our company's forums o social networks, or other use of our Site.

2.2. Please note that some Personal data is mandatory for submission (as specified at the time of data collection). If you do not provide the information that is marked as required, we will not be able to process your request or provide you with products or services.

2.3. on the Site, we may use cookies or other technologies to improve our work, to collect information about the version Of your browser and its type, IP address, your internet provider, your location (URL), Device information, the number of your visits to the Site to personalize the pages of the website during their subsequent visits, and possibly other information. You can disable cookies or similar technology by changing your browser settings, but in this case you may not be able to use certain features of the Site. If you do not agree to the use of cookies, then do not use the Site. You can read more about which cookies we use in the App*.

3) raccolta di dati personali

3.1. Raccogliamo i tuoi dati personali per:

1. Processing your requests or orders, providing services such as selling products, etc.;

2. Serving users and responding To your requests, comments, or complaints;

3. Tracking and analyzing your purchases, transactions, Consumer habits, account activity, and payment history;

4. Providing information about the Company and its products by sending informational messages, holding events, contests or promotions;

5. conducting surveys and analyses for research, collecting statistics, developing products and services in order to improve Your impression of our services (we can customize the Site in accordance with Your interests and offer you specific products) and

6. Conformità ai requisiti della legislazione della Federazione Russa

4) gestione delle informazioni personali

4.1. We take all reasonable measures to protect the collected Personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, misuse or loss. We collect, use or disclose your Personal data only with Your knowledge and consent, as specified in the Privacy Policy or as permitted / required by law.

4.2. Our Information security Department is responsible for protecting your Personal data and using it only in the cases specified in Article 3. We take privacy seriously and have implemented security measures suitable for protecting confidential data, including:

(i) Physical security measures, such as restrict access to premises and the corresponding destruction of Personal data at the end of use, and

(ii) Electronic security measures for computerized Personal data, such as password protection.

4.3. When using and / or registering on the Site, you agree to receive messages about the company's products, discounts, promotions, and other advertising messages from the Company and/or fashionfilosofia acting on behalf of the Company. Your consent means that you consent to receive advertising over telecommunication networks (reti di telecomunicazione), including text messages to the phone number and / or email address is by You when registro on the Site, as well as notifiche push on the Site. You can refuse to receive this information at any time by sending a written request to the address specified in clause 8.2. politica.

4.4. Please note that we are not responsible for the Personal data that you post on the public sites of our Site. These public sites can be viewed by anyone who enters these sections of the Site, so they are not subject to the Privacy Policy.

5) conservazione dei dati personali

5.1. we store Your Personal data in a secure, complete and updated forms, as necessary and reasonably possible for their use for the purposes specified in Article 3.

5.2. We store your Personal data for as long as it is necessary to use it for the purposes specified in Article 3.

6) divulgazione a terzi

6.1. Personal data is used and disclosed only for the purposes specified in Article 3, with the exception of their other use if You have your consent / no objection or as permitted / required by law.

6.2. In order to achieve the purposes specified in Article 3, we may disclose or transfer (including cross-border transfer) Your Personal data to third parties. In particular, We may share your Personal data with third-party contractors or service providers (Third parties) that help us conduct business, such as technology service providers, financial services, logistics services, transportation services, incentive programs, purchase Order management, fraud investigation, and / or analysis of any transaction conducted through the Site.

6.3. we Guarantee that all contractual or other appropriate measures are taken to ensure third parties Comply with the Privacy Policy and other applicable laws when we transfer Your Personal data to these Third parties.

6.4. for various purposes (including marketing and advertising), we may share aggregated data with Third parties that does not allow us to identify you personally, but use this data to better understand Your needs, improve and adapt our products and services.

6.5. Se dovessimo trasferire i tuoi dati personali a terzi per scopi diversi da quelli specificati Nell'articolo 3, ti noteremo di questo e trasferiremo i dati solo fino alla ricezione del tuo consenso.

6.6. If there is a suspicion of fraud, a threat to personal security, or a violation of our Terms and Conditions or relevant laws, we will immediately take all necessary measures to investate and eliminate these risks.

6.7. by Submitting your Personal data through the Site or otherwise, you expressly grant us permission to use and disclose this in the manner described above. If You do not agree with this use of Personal data, do not provide it to us.

7) Changes To The Privacy Policy

7.1. Periodicamente, la politica può essere amended. Please check the contents of our Website regularly to see the latest changes to our Privacy Policy.

8) your right to access Personal data

8.1. You have the right to access your Personal data in order to make changes or withdraw your consent to the use of Personal data held by us.

8.2. If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, if you want to access or change your Personal data or delete information, you must go to your "Account" page to change or update your Personal data or send a written request to the address:

Porto Sant'Elpidio